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Keep Track Of Your Belongings Effortlessly

Do you often misplace your personal belongings?

Introducing FindMe™️ - the answer to every forgetful mind!

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FindMe™️ is an intelligent, ultra-compact tracker that helps you locate your missing items in no time!

Available in two styles, the FindMe™️ Baseus T2 is suitable for lost keys & phones while the Baseus T1 is a perfect fit for your wallet!

Both variants connect to an app on your phone!

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For all your misplaced items, FindMe™️ will help you remember.

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FindMe™️- A Wireless Genius Locator!

Two-way Smart Reminder

The FindMe™️ Two-way Smart Reminder technology is its most powerful & useful capability. You can locate your missing items using our app.

The FindMe™ will play a loud tune until you find it!

One-Touch Finder

With a simple press of a button, FindMe™️ makes your phone ring even if it is in silent mode.

If you lost something overseas, share your FindMe™️ device on the ZenLyfe Community Find to get more help in finding it.

Separation Alert

After pairing with FindMe™️, the app activates its separation alert feature.

Your phone will beep automatically when the tracker is out of range, prompting you to be mindful of your belongings!

Portable & Stylish Design

FindMe™️ has a slim design, allowing you to carry it anywhere with ease!

It fits right in your pocket and can be conveniently placed in wallets and luggage during travels.

Long Distance Range

Using the SwiftFinder or ZenLyfe phone app, FindMe™️ has a Bluetooth range of up to 160 feet (about 49m)!

Long Battery Life

FindMe™️ runs on a CR2032 battery that lasts up to one year. It also has a low power consumption - not draining your phone battery during use!

When locating smartphones, simply press the ring button & follow the beep sound!

Never Lose Your Belongings Again With FindMe™!

Winning Smart Design
Easy Mounting
Heavy Duty
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