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Take Your Fishing Experience To The Next Level!

Introducing ReelEZ™️ - a strong and fast casting fishing reel, a serious game-changer for your casting game!

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The super-speed reeling mechanism and magnetic brake are very efficient & effective to use - saving you time and money in the long run! 


Feel like a top tier professional with ReelEZ™️ - your ultimate fishing partner!

Experience The Top Tier Quality Of ReelEZ™️ 

Strong Increase Of Your Performance

ReelEZ™️ has 5 powerful magnets for an upgraded magnetic force, resulting in more stable and flexible operation.

It lets you have stable control of the line even in high-speed rotation of the wire cup.

A fine-tuning knob and an 8kg star-shaped unloading force provide your more fishing force.

You can easily catch bigger fish with its strong bite force and fast take-up rod lifting for a more efficient fishing experience!

Fast & Smooth Reeling Operation

With its microwire cup, ReelEZ™️ has a smooth reeling mechanism that gives you more precision in taking your catch out of the water.


It's super high, 8.1-speed ratio and increased wheel diameter allow you to have a fast line throw.

It reels in your catch smoothly without jumping, making it the best in its class!

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The 24 gear magnetic brake speed of ReelEZ™️ also effectively prevents wire explosion. No more missed opportunities in getting the big fish!

Lightweight Design

With all these jam-packed features, ReelEZ™️ maintains a super comfortable and lightweight build to give you a perfectly balanced use and less body fatigue!
Designed to make fishing easier and fun, it is also offered in left- and right-hand configurations.

Safe To Use & Durable

ReelEZ™️ has a ceramic guide ring and EVA anti-skid grip, making it safe to use.

Gives you peace of mind and lets you focus on capturing fish at a fast speed!

For long and satisfying ownership, it is wear and heat-resistant with its thickened gear for its main body.

Take your fishing skills to the next level with ReelEZ™️, your game-changing fishing adventure companion!

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