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Introducing UltraSaw™️, a drill attachment accessory that will convert your normal electric drill into a handy, 2-In-1 power tool!
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Made especially for DIY lovers - UltraSaw™️ operates as a professional, multi-purpose cutting tool when attached to a drill, ideal for any kind of DIY activity.
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Do more with your electric drill with UltraSaw™️, your new best friend for your projects!


Multi-Functional Applications

The perfect DIY tool attachment, the UltraSaw™️ fits most power drills in the market.
It transforms your general electric drill into a chainsaw that has an array of applications suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.
Four interchangeable blades that can cut through multiple materials including wood, metal, ceramic, tile, plastic, tree limbs, PVC pipes, fiberglass, aluminum, copper, thin steel, even tree and plant roots.
It really is an essential, all-around cutting machine for different purposes. Perfect to have at home!

Safe & Easy-To-Use

UltraSaw™️ is very easy to use, even as a DIY beginner, you would have no problems installing it to your electric drill.
The non-slip handle allows multiple grip positions and full control of the handsaw. This also guarantees convenience and safety every time you conduct cutting activities for any kind of project.
As a user-friendly tool, it improves your efficiency during work, saving you lots of time and energy!

Light & Portable

UltraSaw™️ has an ergonomic design to accommodate an easy operation with its light and compact build.
It is a portable accessory that you can easily carry anywhere, making it your go-to chainsaw instead of bringing too many tools in one place.
You can easily move around and have access to tight spaces without sacrificing stability during work thanks to its extremely light weight!
UltraSaw™ features a Quick-Clamp mechanism for fast blade changes.

Excellent Quality & Durability

Made of high-quality materials, UltraSaw™️ is prepared to take on strenuous work that all your DIY projects require.
It is durable and sturdy, even constant changing of blades will not weaken the build of this accessory!
Forget deterioration! UltraSaw™ withstands everyday use and the usual wear and tear over the years with ease, giving you the best lifespan on the market!
UltraSaw™️ is an impressive addition to your personal tool box in doing anything and everything that is DIY related.
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