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Looking for an easier, better way to walk your dogs?

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This dog leash is for you!

Introducing WalkDogs™️, a game-changing leash that will let you stroll your pets around while attending to other things simultaneously


Futuristic Design

Drawing inspiration from futuristic designing, WalkDogs™️ has a UFO-like appearance to convey the “zero gravity” characteristic of the leash.

It gives you a sense of “weightless balance”, giving you the freedom to both of your hands while walking your pet.


The ring-shaped design and easy-to-grip surface of WalkDogs™️ allow you to easily hold the leash effortlessly without straining your wrist

The proprietary flat rope ensures a no-curling feature, saving you the trouble of untangling twisted knots from time to time.

Safe For Pets

WalkDogs™️ also keeps in mind the welfare of your pets, as the Gravity Free Traction and Instant Breaking features guarantee that animals are safe and comfortable.

The leash also has a 2.6-meter rope which enables dogs to run free and not feel that they are being limited by their owner.

LED Lighting System

You will enjoy night strolls with the LED-powered Ring Light of WalkDogs™️, as well as its 3-meter lighting system.

Made for better visibility during nighttime, it helps you avoid any blind areas while walking your dog through dark streets.

More reasons to go out and bond with your dog, any time of the day!

Strong & Durable

WalkDogs™️ has anti-impact materials that can withstand 50,000 times of full stretch to lock, ensuring durability that is worthy of its price.

It also can handle all types of canine breeds with its 110LB/50-kilogram Static Pull.

Whether you have a big or small dog, this leash guarantees that your pet is fully secured.

And if your dog chews on your rope, you don’t have to purchase a whole new WalkDogs™️ unit because it is replaceable!

✓Innovative Ring Shaped Design

✓Lightweight & Comfortable

✓Unrivaled Convenience For Dog Lovers

✓Flat, No Curling, Replaceable Rope

✓Micro USB Charging


WalkDogs™️ is your new best friend in doing everyday activities with your fur babies!

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Ring UFO Appearance
Gravity Free Traction
Biological Instant Breaking
Flat, No Curling, Replaceable Rope
50kg Static Pull
50,000x Full Stretch
50,000x Light Button Test
50,000x Lock Test
3-Meter Illumination Distance Lighting System
Micro USB Charging
200mah Battery Capacity
Winning Smart Design
Easy Mounting
Heavy Duty
100% Satisfied Customers